194. Rolf13 PAPE APL PROF. DR MED (Edith Nanny Elizabeth (Nanny)12 PLATZ, Edith Marie Ottilie Lucie11 PUSTKUCHEN, Otto Eduard Friedrich (Edi)10, Theodor Ernst Eduard9, Johan Ernst Adolf8, Friedrich Christoph7, Johann Henrich6 PUSTKOKE, Johann Cordt5, Johann (Johan)4 PUSTEKOKE (PUESTKOCKE), Cordt3 PUSTKOKE, Cordt (Curdt)2 PUSTEKOKE, 15201) (#4019) (still alive).

Rolf PAPE apl Prof. Dr med and Helga PRAEKELT had the following children:

child 364 i. Stephan14 PAPE (#4037) (still alive).

child 365 ii. Reglind PAPE (#4041) (still alive).

child + 366 iii. Gunhild PAPE (still alive).

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