Sixth Generation

10. Johann Henrich6 PUSTKOKE (Johann Cordt5, Johann (Johan)4 PUSTEKOKE (PUESTKOCKE), Cordt3 PUSTKOKE, Cordt (Curdt)2 PUSTEKOKE, 15201) (#507) was born 9 July 1676. Johann died March 1755 in Blomberg, Germany, at 78 years of age.

He married twice. He married Anna Maria TAPPE in Blomberg, Germany, 1 November 1702. (Anna Maria TAPPE is #508.) Anna was the daughter of Cord TAPPE and A KOSTER. Anna died 1703 in Blomberg, Germany. He married Maria (Margarete) Juliane SCHRODER in Blomberg, Germany, AFT 1703.(6) (Maria (Margarete) Juliane SCHRODER is #509.) Maria was born 17 August 1683. Maria was the daughter of Franz SCHRODER and Sophia WITTE.

He was christened in Blomberg, Germany, 12 September 1676.(7)

Johann Henrich PUSTKOKE and Maria (Margarete) Juliane SCHRODER had the following children:

child 11 i. Anna Dorothea7 PUSTKOKE (#513). She married ROSE. ( ROSE is #514.)

child 12 ii. Anna Maria PUSTKUCHEN (#515) was born in Blomberg, Germany 19 August 1709.(8) She married Johann Christop KORINGS. (Johann Christop KORINGS is #516.)

child + 13 iii. Johan Ernst PUSTKOKE was born 25 September 1711.

child 14 iv. Henrich Arnd PUSTKOKE (#511) was born 1716.(9)

child + 15 v. Friedrich Christoph PUSTKUCHEN was born 13 November 1727.

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