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---, Hanna (or Anna) (marriage to Edward CAPORNE) (i5031), b.1702-
---, Thelma (marriage to Douglas Roy CAPORN) (i4868)


----, Julia (i5343) (still alive)
----, Kathy (i5342) (still alive)
----, Male (i2373)
----, Michael (i5344) (still alive)
----, Wilma (i2372) (still alive)


...., Margaret (marriage to Edward (Ted) BUCKLAND) (i5207)


ANDERSON, Catherine Sarah (marriage to William Goode CAPORN) (i6037), b.1840-d.1892
ANDERSON, James (marriage to Ada Elizabeth CAPORN) (i4281) (living status unknown)


ARNOLD, Charles (marriage to Agnes CAPORN) (i4552), b.1849-
ARNOLD, Lena (i4554), b.1884-
ARNOLD, Olive (i4553), b.1882-


ASHBY, Ada Muriel (i1709), b.1901-d.1962
ASHBY, Allan (i1722) (living status unknown)
ASHBY, Barry (i5346) (still alive)
ASHBY, Brian (i1721) (living status unknown)
ASHBY, Charles (i1719) (living status unknown)
ASHBY, Charles Albert (i1710), b.1916-
ASHBY, Edith Laura (i1713), b.1914-d.1975
ASHBY, Edward Alexander (i1724), b.1909-d.1962
ASHBY, Eli (i1711), b.1904-
ASHBY, Eli (Ely) Edward (marriage to Edith Prangle CAPORN) (i4046), b.1875-d.1948
ASHBY, Elizabeth Prangle (i1708), b.1899-d.1984
ASHBY, Elton (i5348) (still alive)
ASHBY, Glenys Joy (i5511) (still alive)
ASHBY, Jason (i5349) (still alive)
ASHBY, Kevin (i1720) (living status unknown)
ASHBY, Lorelle (i5350) (still alive)
ASHBY, Robert George (i1712), b.1906-d.1907
ASHBY, Roy Percival (i1714), b.1917-d.1977
ASHBY, Shirley (i1718) (living status unknown)
ASHBY, Verna Jean (i5515) (still alive)
ASHBY, Wayne (i1717) (living status unknown)


BAILEY, Susannah (marriage to William LAWRENCE) (i814), b.1852-d.1910


BALL, Alice Mary (marriage to Ernest Henry CAPORN) (i4587), b.1886-
BALL, Michael (i5518) (still alive)
BALL, Peter (i5517) (still alive)


BARRON, Ernest Patrick (Sonny) (marriage to Laura Hannah CAPORN) (i5424), b.1881-d.1947
BARRON, Ernst Patrick (marriage to Laura Hannah CAPORN) (i4566) (living status unknown)
BARRON, Rachel Cecilia (Ray) (marriage to Albert Edward William LAWRENCE) (i619), b.1875-d.1959


BASKERVILLE, Harriet (marriage to Henry CAPORN) (i4536), b.1851-


BEARD, Olive Lila (marriage to Clarence Wilfred (Chris) William CAPORN) (i5461), b.1912-d.2003


BEAZLEY, Hector Alfred (Dick) (marriage to Verna Alberta LAWRENCE) (i623), b.1904-d.1990


BETHUNE, Marie (marriage to Mansfield Herbert CAPORN) (i6193), b.1859-d.1925


BICKNELL, Hannah (marriage to Francis (Frank) LAWRENCE) (i812), b.1848-d.1895


BIRCH, Charles Vernon (i3806), b.1895-d.1918
BIRCH, Charles Vernon (marriage to Eunice (Unis) LAWRENCE) (i648), b.1863-d.1959
BIRCH, Evaline Hill (i3805), b.1891-d.1891
BIRCH, Everett Barrett (i3808), b.1907-d.1985
BIRCH, Phoebe Elizabeth (i3807), b.1897-


BLACK, Jacqueline Elizabeth (i5538) (still alive)
BLACK, Jennifer Mae (i5533) (still alive)
BLACK, John Andrew (i5537) (still alive)
BLACK, Michelle Evelyn (i5526) (still alive)
BLACK, Samuel Andrew Michael (i5539) (still alive)


BOWEN, female (i5490), b.1868-
BOWEN, James (i5488), b.1868-
BOWEN, James (marriage to Jane TAPPING) (i1701), b.1835-d.1874


BOYLE, Eliza Jane (marriage to Charles Edward CAPORN) (i4312), b.1857-d.1948


BRAMSTON, Joanne (i5327) (still alive)
BRAMSTON, Russell (i5326) (still alive)


BREWER, Helen Hannah Honor (marriage to Samuel CAPORN) (i4496) (living status unknown)


BRIGGS, Alfred Edward (i2419), b.1864-
BRIGGS, Amelia (i2424), b.1854-
BRIGGS, Catherine (i2425), b.1852-
BRIGGS, Charles (i2420), b.1862-
BRIGGS, George Henry (i2421), b.1861-d.1925
BRIGGS, Hannah (i2423), b.1856-
BRIGGS, Thomas Ernest (marriage to Catherine CAPORN) (i778), b.1816-d.1897
BRIGGS, Thomas James (i2422), b.1859-d.1935


BROWN, Alice (marriage to William Clulow CAPORN) (i5455), d.1974
BROWN, G R (i4259) (living status unknown)
BROWN, J T (i4258) (living status unknown)


BUCKLAND, Albert Edward (i4509), b.1902-d.1935
BUCKLAND, Annie Adelaide (i4501), b.1899-d.1973
BUCKLAND, Edward (Ted) (i4503), b.1891-d.1923
BUCKLAND, female (i4517)
BUCKLAND, Henry William (i4507), b.1897-d.1919
BUCKLAND, Henry William (marriage to Annie Matilda CAPORN) (i4500), b.1862-
BUCKLAND, John Thomas (i4506), b.1889-
BUCKLAND, Lillian Joyce Maud (i4510), b.1893-
BUCKLAND, May (i4502), b.1883-d.1896
BUCKLAND, Olive (i4511), b.1904-d.1995
BUCKLAND, Samuel William (i4504), b.1887-
BUCKLAND, Valley (i4508), b.1907-d.1974
BUCKLAND, Vincest Gerald (i4505), b.1892-


CAPORN, Ada Clarissa (i4570), b.1888-d.1958
CAPORN, Ada Elizabeth (i4280), b.1870-
CAPORN, Ada May (i4466), b.1887-
CAPORN, Adelaide (i4232), b.1864-
CAPORN, Agnes (i4422), b.1839-d.1842
CAPORN, Agnes (i4521), b.1855-
CAPORN, Albert John (i4498) (still alive)
CAPORN, Alexander James (i4465), b.1883-
CAPORN, Alexander Roy (i4586), b.1920-d.1996
CAPORN, Alfred (i6208), b.1832-d.1903
CAPORN, Alfred Horace George (i4520), b.1869-d.1915
CAPORN, Alfred Phillip (i4325), b.1892-d.1984
CAPORN, Alison (i5084) (still alive)
CAPORN, Alma Edith (i4590) (still alive)
CAPORN, Amelia Bertha (i4372), b.1889-d.1964
CAPORN, Amos Albert (i4467), b.1881-
CAPORN, Angus Donald (i6195), b.1892-d.1977
CAPORN, Angus Donald Bethune (i6220) (still alive)
CAPORN, Ann (i665), b.1842-
CAPORN, Ann (i4352), b.1864-d.1865
CAPORN, Ann Elizabeth (i4360), b.1853-
CAPORN, Anne Elizabeth (i6317) (still alive)
CAPORN, Annie Matilda (i4438), b.1865-d.1947
CAPORN, Arthur (i4332), b.1882-d.1959
CAPORN, Arthur Goode (i6205), b.1864-
CAPORN, Arthur Royal (i4229) (still alive)
CAPORN, Arthur William (Pete) (i5456), b.1922-d.1990
CAPORN, Averland James (i4220), b.1863-
CAPORN, Bertha Frances (i4227) (living status unknown)
CAPORN, Bertram (i4327), b.1885-d.1954
CAPORN, Bertram Leroy (i4331), b.1915-d.1943
CAPORN, Brian (i5308) (still alive)
CAPORN, Bruce Russell (i4490) (living status unknown)
CAPORN, Catherine (i655), b.1822-d.1879
CAPORN, Catherine (i4212), b.1786-
CAPORN, Catherine Dorothy (i6199), b.1896-d.1978
CAPORN, Cecil Augustus Theodore (i4551), b.1894-
CAPORN, Cecilia (i4424), b.1843-d.1860
CAPORN, Charles Dingle (i4347) (living status unknown)
CAPORN, Charles Edward (i4311), b.1855-d.1927
CAPORN, Charles Ernest (i6212), b.1873-d.1907
CAPORN, Charles Frederick (i4320), b.1880-d.1975
CAPORN, Charles Henry (Charlie) (i4348), b.1890-
CAPORN, Charlotte (i6214), b.1834-d.1912
CAPORN, Christopher Frederick Daniel (i4597), b.1896-
CAPORN, Clara Ann (i4429), b.1863-d.1864
CAPORN, Clara Mabel (i4378), b.1887-d.1971
CAPORN, Clarence James (i4356), b.1883-d.1942
CAPORN, Clarence Wilfred (Chris) William (i5459), b.1907-d.1995
CAPORN, Daisy ? (i4867)
CAPORN, Daniel Plant (i4526), b.1865-d.1934
CAPORN, Darryl (i5025) (still alive)
CAPORN, Daughter (i4315), b.1894-d.1894
CAPORN, David Eustace (i4462) (still alive)
CAPORN, Donald Leslie Francis (i4481) (living status unknown)
CAPORN, Dorothy (i4894) (still alive)
CAPORN, Dorothy Geraldine (i5280), b.1893-
CAPORN, Dorothy Olive Bloxham (i4592), b.1901-d.1973
CAPORN, Douglas Henry (i4338) (still alive)
CAPORN, Douglas Roy (i4864), b.1896-
CAPORN, Edith Elaine (i4470) (living status unknown)
CAPORN, Edith Grace (i4234), b.1872-
CAPORN, Edith Mary (i4473) (still alive)
CAPORN, Edith Prangle (i4463), b.1877-d.1948
CAPORN, Edward (i4218), b.1784-
CAPORN, Edward Henry (i4430), b.1857-d.1938
CAPORN, Edward James (Jim) (i4715) (still alive)
CAPORN, Edward John (i6213), b.1878-d.1935
CAPORN, Edward John William (i4426), b.1832-d.1908
CAPORN, Eileen (Irlene?) (i4343), b.1902-
CAPORN, Eli (i4464) (still alive)
CAPORN, Elizabeth (i4610), b.1791-
CAPORN, Elizabeth (Bessie) (i4861), b.1823-d.1890
CAPORN, Elizabeth Ann (i4361), b.1853-d.1948
CAPORN, Elizabeth Louisa (i4428), b.1854-d.1945
CAPORN, Ella (i4323) (living status unknown)
CAPORN, Ellen Sarah (i4477), b.1884-
CAPORN, Elsie Amelia (i4313), b.1896-d.1964
CAPORN, Elsie Ida (i6194), b.1888-d.1891
CAPORN, Emily (i4437), b.1861-d.1889
CAPORN, Emily Elda (i4468), b.1889-
CAPORN, Eric Hopetoun (i4563) (still alive)
CAPORN, Eric John Bethune (i6201), b.1903-d.1978
CAPORN, Ernest Henry (i4568), b.1875-d.1954
CAPORN, Ernest Walter (i6204), b.1863-
CAPORN, Ethel May (i4357), b.1885-d.1977
CAPORN, Eunice Grace Regent (i4225) (still alive)
CAPORN, Eva May (i4351), b.1888-
CAPORN, Evelyn Joyce (i4434), b.1870-d.1957
CAPORN, Evelyn Lily (i4890), b.1934-d.1996
CAPORN, Florence Victoria (i4478), b.1887-
CAPORN, Forrest Goode (i4358), b.1894-d.1895
CAPORN, Frances Mary (i5457), d.2007
CAPORN, Francis Ernest (i4474) (living status unknown)
CAPORN, Francis Goode (i4423), b.1841-d.1842
CAPORN, Frederick (i4516), b.1826-d.1915
CAPORN, Frederick Henry (i4376), b.1883-
CAPORN, Frederick John (i4564), b.1892-
CAPORN, Frederick Samuel (i4523), b.1863-d.1949
CAPORN, Frederick Thomas (i4370), b.1855-d.1929
CAPORN, Frederick WIlliam (i5279), b.1892-
CAPORN, George Claridge (i4215), b.1823-
CAPORN, George Edward (i4475) (still alive)
CAPORN, George Jeffrey (i4565) (still alive)
CAPORN, George William (i4341), b.1861-d.1952
CAPORN, George William (i4344), b.1893-
CAPORN, Georgina Eustace (i4235), b.1873-
CAPORN, Gertrude Ann (i4377), b.1885-d.1887
CAPORN, Gladys Myrtle (i4335), b.1898-d.1968
CAPORN, Glaydas Eliza (i4319) (living status unknown)
CAPORN, Gordon (i4892) (still alive)
CAPORN, Graham Trevor (i6362) (still alive)
CAPORN, Hariet Myrtle Bloxham (i4598), b.1899-d.1954
CAPORN, Harold Alexander (i4345), b.1898-
CAPORN, Harold Decourcey (i4340) (still alive)
CAPORN, Harriet Eleena Bloxham (i4596), b.1894-d.1930
CAPORN, Harriet Pulo (i4522), b.1861-d.1944
CAPORN, Helen (i5091) (still alive)
CAPORN, Henry (i4216), b.1820-
CAPORN, Henry (i4309), b.1830-d.1912
CAPORN, Henry (i4519), b.1851-d.1915
CAPORN, Henry Charles (i4538), b.1875-
CAPORN, Henry Samuel (i4336), b.1857-d.1914
CAPORN, Herbert Henry John (i4317), b.1879-d.1951
CAPORN, Hilda Sarah (i4239), b.1883-d.1940
CAPORN, Horace William Thomas (i4573), b.1882-d.1974
CAPORN, Ilton Roy (i4359), b.1893-d.1963
CAPORN, Iris (i4599), b.1909-d.1972
CAPORN, Ivy Amelia (i5281), b.1896-
CAPORN, Ivy Mildred (i4339), b.1891-d.1984
CAPORN, James (i4211), b.1818-d.1846
CAPORN, James Alfred (i6210), b.1869-d.1946
CAPORN, James Goode (i4219), b.1834-d.1927
CAPORN, James Goode (i4231), b.1878-
CAPORN, James Goode (i4353), b.1859-d.1935
CAPORN, James Turpin (i4213), b.1815-d.1815
CAPORN, James, Rev (i4611), b.1788-d.1839
CAPORN, Joan (i5017) (still alive)
CAPORN, Joan Mary (i4605), b.1917-d.1918
CAPORN, John (i4214), b.1787-
CAPORN, John (i4421), b.1835-
CAPORN, John (i4482) (still alive)
CAPORN, John William (i4431), b.1859-
CAPORN, Joyce (i4483) (living status unknown)
CAPORN, Katrina Bronwyn (i4491) (living status unknown)
CAPORN, Kenneth Norman (i4322) (living status unknown)
CAPORN, Kevin Phillip (i6329) (still alive)
CAPORN, Laura Hannah (i4524), b.1867-d.1950
CAPORN, Leonard George (i4375) (still alive)
CAPORN, Lesley (i4893) (still alive)
CAPORN, Lewis Frederick Clulow (i4572), b.1879-d.1943
CAPORN, Lily Jane (i4435), b.1873-d.1956
CAPORN, Louisa (i4284), b.1838-d.1910
CAPORN, Malcolm Ernest George (i4480) (living status unknown)
CAPORN, Mansfield Herbert (i6192), b.1861-d.1934
CAPORN, Mariellen Joyce (i4488) (living status unknown)
CAPORN, Mary Ann (i4217), b.1816-d.1881
CAPORN, Mary Ann Adele (i6191), b.1859-
CAPORN, Mary Ann Harriet (i4537), b.1873-d.1904
CAPORN, Mary Ann Olivia May (May) (i4593), b.1887-
CAPORN, Maude Matilda (i4436), b.1875-d.1954
CAPORN, Maureen (i4486) (living status unknown)
CAPORN, May Letitia (i4237), b.1875-
CAPORN, Melville Williamena (i4571) (still alive)
CAPORN, Mervyn (i5083) (still alive)
CAPORN, Mervyn Huntley (i4330), b.1912-d.1987
CAPORN, Mona Laurel (i4329), b.1910-d.1962
CAPORN, Myrtle (i4350)
CAPORN, Neil Grant (i4489) (living status unknown)
CAPORN, Noelene (i5081) (still alive)
CAPORN, Norman Alfred (i5282), b.1898-
CAPORN, Olive (i4527), b.1855-d.1905
CAPORN, Owen Victor (i4316), b.1890-d.1978
CAPORN, Percy Goode (i5283), b.1903-
CAPORN, Percy Ivan (i4324), b.1887-d.1964
CAPORN, Percy Robert (i4589) (still alive)
CAPORN, Phyllis Mary (i4720), b.1921-d.2007
CAPORN, Phyllis May (i4334) (living status unknown)
CAPORN, Raymond (i4485) (living status unknown)
CAPORN, Richard Alfred James (i4594), b.1889-d.1964
CAPORN, Richard Charles Plant (Dick) (i4669), b.1915-d.1992
CAPORN, Roy (i4484) (living status unknown)
CAPORN, Ruby Lillian (marriage to Edward Alexander ASHBY) (i1725), b.1911-d.2005
CAPORN, Samuel (i4282), b.1794-d.1868
CAPORN, Samuel (i4433), b.1868-d.1906
CAPORN, Sarah (i4870), b.1828-d.1873
CAPORN, Sarah Ann (i4518), b.1858-d.1925
CAPORN, Sarah Eustace (i4379), b.1820-d.1880
CAPORN, Stanley Sibb (i4374), b.1893-
CAPORN, stillborn (i4695), b.1917-d.1917
CAPORN, Susan Jane (i6363) (still alive)
CAPORN, Sydney Ellis (i4471) (living status unknown)
CAPORN, Sydney Samuel (i4223), b.1868-
CAPORN, Thelma Mary (i4722) (still alive)
CAPORN, Theophilus (i4222), b.1866-
CAPORN, Vernon Wakeham Goode (i4574), b.1884-d.1954
CAPORN, Vincent (i4373), b.1891-d.1990
CAPORN, Violet Victoria (i4355), b.1889-d.1981
CAPORN, Walter Ernest (i6206), b.1865-d.1915
CAPORN, Wilfred Towton (i4569), b.1877-d.1932
CAPORN, William (i4420), b.1828-d.1851
CAPORN, William Alexander (i4525), b.1853-d.1938
CAPORN, William Clulow (i4595), b.1891-d.1967
CAPORN, William Ernst (i4588) (still alive)
CAPORN, William George (i4497)
CAPORN, William Goode (i4208), b.1782-
CAPORN, William Goode (i4869), b.1830-d.1910
CAPORN, William Henry (i6211), b.1871-d.1951
CAPORN, William Henry (Bill) (i6361), b.1922-d.2000
CAPORN, William Henry (Henry) (i4714), b.1918-d.2000
CAPORN, William Herbertt (i6198), b.1891-d.1977
CAPORN, William Manfield (i6041), b.1825-d.1829


CAPORNE, Ann (i5035), b.1751-
CAPORNE, Edward (i4866), b.1702-
CAPORNE, Edward (i5034), b.1747-
CAPORNE, Elizabeth (i5032), b.1744-
CAPORNE, Elizabeth (i5036), b.1756-
CAPORNE, Joshua, MA (i4608), b.1742-d.1824
CAPORNE, Marmaduk (i5033), b.1747-


CASEY, Bridget (marriage to Alfred CAPORN) (i6209), b.1849-d.1928


COATE, Arienne Margaret (i3659) (still alive)
COATE, Elyse Madison (i5179) (still alive)
COATE, Samuel Howard (i4835) (still alive)


COLE, Arthur Owen (i4294), b.1886-
COLE, Esther Vera Ruth (i4299) (still alive)
COLE, Frank (i4297), b.1892-
COLE, Harry Cornwall (i4301) (living status unknown)
COLE, John Fitzpen (i4300) (still alive)
COLE, Lionel (i4296), b.1889-
COLE, Lionel Joseph Phippen (marriage to Esther THOMAS) (i4292), b.1865-
COLE, Mary (i4293), b.1884-
COLE, Owen Phippen (i4295), b.1888-
COLE, William Alexander (i4298) (still alive)


COLLINGS, Jayson Robert (i4962) (still alive)


CONDUIT, Max David (i5531) (still alive)


COOK, Emma Preston (marriage to Frederick JONES) (i771)


COOKE, Jack Robert (marriage to Ina Marjorie LAWRENCE) (i621)


COOPER, Mary Ann (marriage to Daniel Plant CAPORN) (i4591), b.1864-


COYLE, Madeline Theresa (marriage to Edward John McNESS) (i4452), b.1882-


CRAIG, Ida Otway (i4556), b.1884-
CRAIG, Victoria May (i4557), b.1883-d.1962
CRAIG, William Thomas (marriage to Harriet Pulo CAPORN) (i4555), b.1857-


CROFT, Ardon Thomas Loxton (i5474) (still alive)
CROFT, Kaiya Laurel-Anne (i6042) (still alive)


CUNNINGHAM, Albert (marriage to Dorothy Beatrice LAWRENCE) (i5014)
CUNNINGHAM, Noel (i5015), b.1920-


CURTIS, Bradley (i5333) (still alive)
CURTIS, Evelyn Joyce (i5320), b.1933-d.1970
CURTIS, Felicity (i5331) (still alive)
CURTIS, George Western (marriage to Elizabeth Prangle ASHBY) (i1707), b.1901-d.1986
CURTIS, Lynette (i5322) (still alive)
CURTIS, Melissa (i5332) (still alive)
CURTIS, Trevor (i5329), b.1937-d.2010
CURTIS, Valda (i5324) (still alive)


DARK, Ruby Mary (marriage to Francis William (Bill) LAWRENCE) (i4904), b.1890-


DEAGUE, Neville (i3870) (still alive)
DEAGUE, Vernon (i3829), d.2018


DELANEY, Ida Agnes (marriage to Vernon Wakeham Goode CAPORN) (i4575), b.1888-


DEWAR, Heather (i6332) (living status unknown)
DEWAR, Howard David Mathew (marriage to Frances Mary CAPORN) (i6333), d.1978


DICKFOS, Percy Victor Charles (marriage to Catherine Dorothy CAPORN) (i6200), b.1897-


DINGLE, Ellen (marriage to Harold Alexander CAPORN) (i3991)


DOROTHEA, Thora (marriage to Victor THORP) (i3994), d.1990


DOUGLAS, Ryan Leigh (i5532) (still alive)


DOUST, Susannah (marriage to John JONES) (i4382), b.1851-


DOW, Neil (i5292) (still alive)


DUNN, Kenneth (marriage to Georgina Eustace CAPORN) (i4236) (living status unknown)


DURANT, Hazel Kathleen (marriage to Alexander Roy CAPORN) (i5458)


ENDERSBY, Sarah Ann (marriage to Edward John William CAPORN) (i4427), b.1833-d.1915


ENGLISH, Edith Isobel (marriage to Raymond Leslie (Ray) LAWRENCE) (i4881), b.1889-d.1972


EUSTACE, Ann Vaughan (marriage to Samuel CAPORN) (i4283), b.1801-d.1869


FARLEY, Robyn Lynette (i4969) (still alive)
FARLEY, Susan Jane (i4974) (still alive)


FAULKNER, Lillian Evelyn (marriage to Walter LAWRENCE) (i817)


FISHER, Lawrence (i4984), d.1992
FISHER, Peter (marriage to Eunice Ella LAWRENCE) (i4983)
FISHER, Raymond (i4985), d.1992


FLANAGAN, Benjamin (i5353) (still alive)
FLANAGAN, Sally (i5352) (still alive)


FOLEY, Dorothy May (marriage to Clarence Wilfred (Chris) William CAPORN) (i5460), b.1916-d.2001


FOX, Daphne Laurie (marriage to Alfred Phillip CAPORN) (i4326) (living status unknown)


FREEMAN, John (marriage to Jane TAPPING) (i1697), b.1822-d.1900


FREIND, Mary Ann (marriage to Frederick CAPORN) (i3944), b.1828-d.1889


GIBB, Irene Adeline (i4513) (still alive)
GIBB, Jean Mavis (i4514) (still alive)
GIBB, Ronald (i4515) (still alive)


GILWHITE, Laurel Patricia (i31), b.1923-d.2012
GILWHITE, Stanley John (marriage to Verna Alberta LAWRENCE) (i578), b.1898-d.1931


GOODE, Catherine (marriage to Joshua CAPORNE MA) (i4287), b.1752-d.1820


GOODFELLOW, Nellie Helen (marriage to Samuel William LAWRENCE) (i4951), b.1876-d.1965


GOODMAN, Betty Jean (marriage to Arthur William (Pete) CAPORN) (i5987)


GRAY, Ellen (marriage to John William CAPORN) (i690)
GRAY, William (marriage to Emily CAPORN) (i687)


HALL, Betsy (Bessie) (marriage to Samuel LAWRENCE) (i644), b.1857-d.1935


HALLIDAY, Ada (i4941), b.1873-
HALLIDAY, Allan (marriage to Ciscilia (Cecilia) LAWRENCE) (i816), b.1846-
HALLIDAY, Arthur (i4942) (living status unknown)
HALLIDAY, Bertha (i4950)
HALLIDAY, Cecilia (i4945), b.1878-
HALLIDAY, Charles (i4937)
HALLIDAY, Edward A (i4944), b.1876-
HALLIDAY, Elizabeth (i4936), b.1870-
HALLIDAY, Elizabeth 2 (i4949)
HALLIDAY, Eunice (i4946), b.1878-
HALLIDAY, Florence (i4947), b.1881-
HALLIDAY, Lawrence (i4940), b.1878-
HALLIDAY, Walter (i4948), b.1885-
HALLIDAY, Wilfred (i4943), b.1872-


HANCOCK, Deborah (i5503) (still alive)
HANCOCK, John (i5500) (still alive)
HANCOCK, Julie (i5501) (still alive)
HANCOCK, Rodney (i5502) (still alive)


HARDMAN, Charles (i4368), b.1885-
HARDMAN, Edith (i4365), b.1883-
HARDMAN, Hilda (i4366), b.1877-
HARDMAN, Horace (i4369), b.1881-
HARDMAN, Ivan (i4363), b.1879-
HARDMAN, John Henry (marriage to Elizabeth Ann CAPORN) (i4362), b.1849-
HARDMAN, Vera Ruby (i4364), b.1887-
HARDMAN, William (i4367), b.1877-


HARRISON, Ann Louisa (Annie) (marriage to George Edward (Pelaco) LAWRENCE) (i4923), b.1907-


HARVEY, Charles (i4542) (still alive)
HARVEY, Edwin (i4540) (still alive)
HARVEY, George Arthur (marriage to Mary Ann Harriet CAPORN) (i4539), b.1869-
HARVEY, Irene May (i4543) (still alive)
HARVEY, Rita Evelyne (i4541), b.1898-d.1954


HEAL, Annie (i4307), b.1888-
HEAL, George (i4305), b.1875-
HEAL, George (marriage to Ann THOMAS) (i4304) (living status unknown)
HEAL, Matthew (i4306), b.1878-
HEAL, William James (i4308), b.1879-


HISLOP, Donald Roy (i4532) (still alive)
HISLOP, Frederick (i4529), b.1883-
HISLOP, Harry Clulow (i4530), b.1885-
HISLOP, Hilton Arnold (i4533) (still alive)
HISLOP, Laura Ailsa (i4535), b.1889-
HISLOP, Percy Mervyn (i4531), b.1892-
HISLOP, Pulo Maud (i4534), b.1890-
HISLOP, Walter Cook (marriage to Sarah Ann CAPORN) (i4528), b.1859-


HOLYOAKE, Emily Sarah Jane (marriage to Walter Ernest CAPORN) (i6207), b.1865-


HOOKINGS, Mary Maria (marriage to John William CAPORN) (i4472), b.1865-


HULL, Jamie (i5547) (still alive)
HULL, Sarah (i5548) (still alive)


HUMPHRY, Bertha Louisa (i6309), b.1866-d.1883
HUMPHRY, James White (marriage to Mary Bertha TAPPING) (i6308), b.1832-d.1898


JEFFCOTT, Elizabeth (marriage to Francis William LAWRENCE) (i4896), b.1867-d.1937


JEFFERY, Edwin Arthur (i4546) (still alive)
JEFFERY, Ethel Jean (i4547) (still alive)
JEFFERY, John Herbert (i4549) (still alive)
JEFFERY, Lillian May (i4545) (still alive)
JEFFERY, Thelma Rose (i4548) (still alive)


JILBERT, Barry Raymond (i5336), b.1950-d.1999
JILBERT, Brian John (i5335) (living status unknown)
JILBERT, Glenda Dawn (i5340) (still alive)
JILBERT, Ian James (i5339) (still alive)
JILBERT, Richard John (i5338) (still alive)
JILBERT, Richard Thomas (marriage to Edith Laura ASHBY) (i1716)


JONES, Alfred Charles (i4394), b.1912-d.1936
JONES, Alfred James (i4385), b.1874-d.1945
JONES, Alice May (i4392), b.1907-d.1934
JONES, Clara (i4384), b.1873-d.1972
JONES, David George (marriage to Sarah Eustace CAPORN) (i4380), b.1814-
JONES, Elizabeth (i4406), b.1850-d.1870
JONES, Ernest James (i4390), b.1904-d.1976
JONES, Frederick (i4401), b.1846-d.1914
JONES, George William (i4388), b.1879-d.1937
JONES, John (i4381), b.1845-d.1890
JONES, John Ernest (i4387), b.1878-d.1878
JONES, Leslie Vernon (i4393), b.1909-d.1957
JONES, Louisa (i4402), b.1848-
JONES, Louisa Maud (i4391), b.1905-d.1984
JONES, Martha (i4386), b.1876-d.1966
JONES, Olive (marriage to Roy Percival ASHBY) (i1715)
JONES, Roy Harold (i4395), b.1923-d.1971
JONES, Susan (i4383), b.1871-d.1929


KIMBER, Elsie Maud (marriage to Richard Alfred James CAPORN) (i4604), b.1887-


KING, Edith (i4404), b.1874-
KING, Jessie (i4405), b.1872-
KING, John (marriage to Louisa JONES) (i4403), b.1844-


KINSMAN, (marriage to Muriel Bessie LAWRENCE) (i668)
KINSMAN, Joan (i751) (still alive)
KINSMAN, Lawrence (i752) (living status unknown)


KLEINE-DETERS, Hendrik (Hank DETERS) (marriage to Myrtle Marion THORP) (i3992), b.1919-d.1984
KLEINE-DETERS, Trevor (i3993) (still alive)


LA MOTT, Alexander Theodore (marriage to Cecilia CAPORN) (i4425)


LANSDOWN (SMITH), Lynette Robin (i4929) (still alive)
LANSDOWN (SMITH), Ranee Ann (i4930) (still alive)


LAWRENCE, Ada Elizabeth (i4900), b.1877-
LAWRENCE, Albert E W (i6218)
LAWRENCE, Albert Edward William (i618), b.1877-d.1953
LAWRENCE, Alfred John (i5758), b.1867-
LAWRENCE, Alisia Marie (i4935) (still alive)
LAWRENCE, Alma Maud (Dell) (i4920), b.1897-d.1956
LAWRENCE, Alma Maud (Maudie) (i4926) (living status unknown)
LAWRENCE, Andrew (i782), b.1855-d.1921
LAWRENCE, Andrew James (i5003), b.1911-
LAWRENCE, Anna Jo (i4932) (still alive)
LAWRENCE, Arthur John (i4877), b.1889-d.1949
LAWRENCE, Aubrey M (i6222), b.1873-
LAWRENCE, Bree Louise (i4999) (still alive)
LAWRENCE, Bruce (i4882), b.1922-d.1999
LAWRENCE, Charles (Chilli) (i4875), b.1884-d.1968
LAWRENCE, Charles Leslie (i4978)
LAWRENCE, Christopher G (i4887) (still alive)
LAWRENCE, Ciscilia (Cecilia) (i815), b.1851-d.1928
LAWRENCE, Damien John (i4965) (still alive)
LAWRENCE, Deborah (i4888) (still alive)
LAWRENCE, Dorothy Beatrice (i4879), b.1890-d.1924
LAWRENCE, Douglas (i4883), d.1998
LAWRENCE, Edward E (i6221), b.1871-
LAWRENCE, Elizabeth (Bessie) (i784), b.1847-d.1876
LAWRENCE, Emily Maria (i4873), b.1880-
LAWRENCE, Ernest John (i4979)
LAWRENCE, Ethel Mena (i4901), b.1890-
LAWRENCE, Eunice (Unis) (i647), b.1867-d.1954
LAWRENCE, Eunice Ella (i4874), b.1882-d.1958
LAWRENCE, Eunice Ellen (i5002), b.1909-d.1990
LAWRENCE, Female (i813), b.1848-d.1848
LAWRENCE, Francis (Frank) (i781), b.1847-d.1904
LAWRENCE, Francis William (i4895), b.1870-d.1947
LAWRENCE, Francis William (i4913), b.1913-d.1932
LAWRENCE, Francis William (Bill) (i4903), b.1892-d.1969
LAWRENCE, Gaye (i4889) (still alive)
LAWRENCE, George Edward (Pelaco) (i4922), b.1901-d.1980
LAWRENCE, George Samuel (i669), b.1882-d.1948
LAWRENCE, Gregory Charles (i4991), b.1952-d.2015
LAWRENCE, Hannah E (i6224), b.1885-
LAWRENCE, Harold Herbert (Alex) (i4914), b.1894-
LAWRENCE, Hilda May (Dillo) (i4919), b.1895-d.1959
LAWRENCE, Horace (Horrie) (i4897), b.1883-
LAWRENCE, Ida (i670), b.1875-
LAWRENCE, Ida Elizabeth (Di) (i4921), b.1899-
LAWRENCE, Ina Marjorie (i620), b.1902-d.1970
LAWRENCE, Irene Joan (i4956) (still alive)
LAWRENCE, Jean (i5005) (living status unknown)
LAWRENCE, Jess (i5008) (living status unknown)
LAWRENCE, Justin Andrew (i4998) (still alive)
LAWRENCE, Kenneth Donald (i5000) (still alive)
LAWRENCE, Kyle Matthew (i4966) (still alive)
LAWRENCE, Lemuel Richard (i4876), b.1886-d.1958
LAWRENCE, Leslie William (i4924) (living status unknown)
LAWRENCE, Lilian Dorothy (i4905), b.1911-
LAWRENCE, Lily (i5006) (living status unknown)
LAWRENCE, Lily C (i5284)
LAWRENCE, Lorna Jeanne (i4967) (still alive)
LAWRENCE, Mabel Elizabeth (i4878), b.1890-d.1970
LAWRENCE, Mark Alfred (i811), b.1861-d.1863
LAWRENCE, Matthew Robert (i4997) (still alive)
LAWRENCE, Maud Ellen (i6219), b.1892-d.1971
LAWRENCE, May (i5007)
LAWRENCE, Muriel Bessie (i667), b.1892-d.1969
LAWRENCE, Paul David James (i4996) (still alive)
LAWRENCE, Percy Norman (i4980)
LAWRENCE, Peter John (i4963) (still alive)
LAWRENCE, Priscillia May (May) (i4902), b.1879-
LAWRENCE, Ramsay McDonald (Don) (i4992) (still alive)
LAWRENCE, Raymond Leslie (Ray) (i4880), b.1897-d.1962
LAWRENCE, Robert Brian (i4994) (still alive)
LAWRENCE, Robert Edward (i4927) (still alive)
LAWRENCE, Robert Scambler (Bob) (i4987) (still alive)
LAWRENCE, Samuel (i643), b.1853-d.1943
LAWRENCE, Samuel William (i4872), b.1878-d.1921
LAWRENCE, Stephen (i4886) (still alive)
LAWRENCE, Stephen George (i4934) (living status unknown)
LAWRENCE, Terry (i4885) (still alive)
LAWRENCE, Valma May (i4976) (living status unknown)
LAWRENCE, Verna Alberta (i579), b.1900-d.1977
LAWRENCE, Violet (i4899), b.1888-
LAWRENCE, Walter (i783), b.1865-d.1926
LAWRENCE, Walter (i4898), b.1881-
LAWRENCE, Wendy Irene (i4989) (still alive)
LAWRENCE, William (i649), b.1849-d.1907
LAWRENCE, William Alfred Andrew (i4952), b.1901-d.1984
LAWRENCE, William James (i4954) (living status unknown)
LAWRENCE, William, (DORAN, DORING) (marriage to Elizabeth (Bessie) CAPORN) (i645), b.1824-d.1898


LAWSON, Ella Marian (marriage to Charles Frederick CAPORN) (i4321), b.1881-
LAWSON, Martha Maria (marriage to Bertram CAPORN) (i4328), b.1883-


LEECH, Clara (marriage to Frederick Thomas CAPORN) (i4371), b.1859-


LINDSAY, Child (i4938)
LINDSAY, Ron (i4939) (still alive)
LINDSAY, spouse (marriage to Ethel Mena LAWRENCE) (i5306)


MACPHERSON, Carol Leigh (i4961) (living status unknown)
MACPHERSON, Neil Andrew (i4959) (still alive)


MARSH, Brent Mykel (i5535) (still alive)


MARSHALL, Bradley (i5513) (still alive)
MARSHALL, Craig (i5514) (still alive)


MARTIN, A. J (i4268) (living status unknown)
MARTIN, B. E (i4269) (living status unknown)
MARTIN, M. E (i4270) (living status unknown)


MASON, Sarah (marriage to William OWSTON) (i4409), b.1860-d.1939


MCKEAN, Margeret (marriage to James Goode CAPORN) (i4354), b.1862-


MCKENZIE, Teresa (marriage to George William CAPORN) (i3990)


MCKINLAY, John (marriage to Jane TAPPING) (i1700), b.1836-


MCLACHLAN, Dorothy Jeanette (i4907) (living status unknown)
MCLACHLAN, Joy Ruby (i4909) (living status unknown)
MCLACHLAN, Norman Hugh (marriage to Lilian Dorothy LAWRENCE) (i4906), b.1905-
MCLACHLAN, Patricia Rosemary (i4911) (living status unknown)


MCNESS, Augustus Edward (i4454) (still alive)
MCNESS, Charles (i4448), b.1890-d.1973
MCNESS, Clara Matilda (i4444), b.1882-d.1951
MCNESS, Edward John (i4442), b.1877-d.1925
MCNESS, Elizabeth Ayers (i4445), b.1884-d.1979
MCNESS, Ernest (i4449), b.1898-d.1972
MCNESS, Evelyn Maud (i4447), b.1889-d.1980
MCNESS, George Edward (i4440), b.1873-
MCNESS, Gloria (JEAN) (i5355) (still alive)
MCNESS, Harry Alexander (i4450) (still alive)
MCNESS, Jack (i4456) (still alive)
MCNESS, John (marriage to Elizabeth Louisa CAPORN) (i4439), b.1850-d.1906
MCNESS, John George (i4446), b.1886-
MCNESS, Joy (i4615) (still alive)
MCNESS, Madeline Maud (i4453) (still alive)
MCNESS, male (i5208) (still alive)
MCNESS, Maud Elizabeth (i4443), b.1880-d.1923
MCNESS, Maxine (JOY) (i5354) (still alive)
MCNESS, Ronald George (i4455) (still alive)
MCNESS, William Henry (i4441), b.1875-d.1917
MCNESS, William Lesley (Lee Marshall) (i5356) (still alive)


MCQUILKAN, (marriage to Ida LAWRENCE) (i671)


MCVEIGH, Grace (i4982) (still alive)
MCVEIGH, Joseph (marriage to Emily Maria LAWRENCE) (i4981)


MEWS, James John (marriage to Adelaide CAPORN) (i4233) (living status unknown)
MEWS, James John (marriage to Edith Grace CAPORN) (i4233) (living status unknown)


MIIDDLETON, Ivy May (marriage to Arthur William (Pete) CAPORN) (i5437)


MILLAR, Cherie Lee (i5529) (still alive)
MILLAR, Jake Alexander (i5530) (still alive)


MILLER, May (marriage to Charles Albert ASHBY) (i5496)


MOUATT, Lily Elizabeth (marriage to Angus Donald CAPORN) (i6196), b.1899-d.1943


MUNRO, Keenan Shaun Scotland (i5301) (still alive)
MUNRO, Lucas Thomas Scotland (i5472) (still alive)
MUNRO, Neve Brydon Scotland (i6032) (still alive)


NELSON, Franklin Gustaf (i4398), b.1929-d.1943
NELSON, Maxine (i4400), b.1941-d.1941
NELSON, Ronald (i4399), b.1935-d.1935
NELSON, Viviene Maud (i4397), b.1927-d.1927


NEWTON, Phoebe (marriage to James CAPORN) (i6038), b.1825-d.1874
NEWTON, William Edward (marriage to Mary Ann CAPORN) (i6039), b.1818-d.1879


NUGENT, Maria (marriage to Andrew LAWRENCE) (i4871), b.1856-d.1920


O'BYRNE, Sarah Blanche (marriage to Charles Henry (Charlie) CAPORN) (i6360)


OWSTON, Alma (i4410), b.1833-
OWSTON, Hilda Kate (i4413), b.1882-
OWSTON, Ida Loyde (i4411), b.1884-
OWSTON, Oba Mary (i4414), b.1885-
OWSTON, William (i4408), b.1855-d.1888
OWSTON, William Mason (i4412), b.1881-d.1932
OWSTON, William, Captain (marriage to Sarah Eustace CAPORN) (i4407), b.1824-d.1903


PAGE, Charles Duke (marriage to Charlotte CAPORN) (i6215), b.1830-


PASCO, Theresa Cinderella (marriage to Wilfred Towton CAPORN) (i4585), b.1886-


PEARCE, Briohnuy Patricia (i4917) (still alive)
PEARCE, Edwin Garick (i4493) (living status unknown)
PEARCE, Ivana Dorothy (i4918) (still alive)
PEARCE, Kira Rhiannon (i4494) (living status unknown)
PEARCE, Leslie Cameron William (i4915) (still alive)
PEARCE, Yonnene Helena (i4916) (still alive)


PENNEBAKER, Vanessa (i5357) (still alive)


PRATT, A.T (i4254) (living status unknown)
PRATT, C I (i4246) (living status unknown)
PRATT, C J (i4249) (living status unknown)
PRATT, G F (i4244) (living status unknown)
PRATT, G.J (i4251) (living status unknown)
PRATT, J. R (i4253) (living status unknown)
PRATT, L J (i4256) (living status unknown)
PRATT, M M (i4248) (living status unknown)
PRATT, N L (i4250) (living status unknown)
PRATT, Robin Michael (i4263) (living status unknown)


PROPERJOHN, Hannah (marriage to Alfred Horace George CAPORN) (i4191), b.1873-d.1948


PRUE, Jarrad James (i4973) (still alive)
PRUE, Natalie Belinda (i4972) (still alive)
PRUE, Travis William (i4971) (still alive)


REEVES, Eliza (marriage to George William CAPORN) (i4342), b.1865-


ROBERTS, A (i4275) (living status unknown)
ROBERTS, D. M (i4273) (living status unknown)
ROBERTS, L. A (i4277) (living status unknown)
ROBERTS, N .E (i4276) (living status unknown)
ROBERTS, R.L (i4266) (living status unknown)
ROBERTS, T. D (i4274) (living status unknown)
ROBERTS, W. S (i4271) (living status unknown)


ROWDEN, Albert Edward (marriage to Mabel Elizabeth LAWRENCE) (i5009), b.1884-d.1947
ROWDEN, Arnold (i5013), b.1923-
ROWDEN, Leonard Maxwell (i5011), b.1915-d.1989
ROWDEN, Robert Charles (i5012), b.1918-d.1986
ROWDEN, William Andrew (i5010), b.1913-d.1981


SCAMBLER, Janet Little (marriage to Charles (Chilli) LAWRENCE) (i4986), b.1888-


SCHMIDT, Amelia (marriage to Henry CAPORN) (i4310), b.1829-d.1890


SCHOOLDERMAN, Cora Miranda (i6359) (still alive)
SCHOOLDERMAN, Lilah Ocea (i5453) (still alive)
SCHOOLDERMAN, Will Stanley (i5307) (still alive)


SCOTLAND, Alexander Edward (i5296) (still alive)
SCOTLAND, Amanda Joanne (i51) (still alive)
SCOTLAND, Belinda Anne (i48) (still alive)
SCOTLAND, Brandon Jesse (i1583) (still alive)
SCOTLAND, Catherine Lee (i3500) (still alive)
SCOTLAND, Edward John (John) (i34) (still alive)
SCOTLAND, Ewan Thomas (i6302) (still alive)
SCOTLAND, Laura Peta (i49) (still alive)
SCOTLAND, Miranda Gillian (i47) (still alive)
SCOTLAND, Peter Stanley (i33) (still alive)
SCOTLAND, Rachael Peta Brydon (i52) (still alive)
SCOTLAND, Rodney Gill (i2000) (still alive)
SCOTLAND, Tessa Rose (i5451) (still alive)
SCOTLAND, Thomas Alexander (i3502) (still alive)
SCOTLAND, Thomas Ernest (Tom) (marriage to Laurel Patricia GILWHITE) (i13), b.1923-d.2012


SCOTT, Helen Elizabeth (marriage to Eric John Bethune CAPORN) (i6202), b.1911-d.1996


SHARP, Bertram Alexander (i4582), b.1911-d.1986
SHARP, George James (i4581) (still alive)
SHARP, Leslie James Joseph (marriage to Ada Clarissa CAPORN) (i4579), b.1884-
SHARP, Ronald Leslie (i4580) (still alive)
SHARP, Valerie Marge (i4584) (still alive)
SHARP, William Daniel (i4603) (still alive)


SHORT, Erica (i5109) (still alive)
SHORT, Geraldine (i5108) (still alive)
SHORT, John (i5107) (still alive)


SINCLAIR, Margaret (marriage to Frederick Samuel CAPORN) (i4562), b.1865-


SLATER, Dulcie May (marriage to Eric John Bethune CAPORN) (i6203), b.1908-


SMITH, Thomas Alfred (marriage to Elsie Amelia CAPORN) (i4314), b.1889-d.1940


SUCKLING, Amy (i5555) (still alive)
SUCKLING, Jane (i5557) (still alive)
SUCKLING, Marie (i5556) (still alive)


TAMBLYN, Clem (marriage to Ina Marjorie LAWRENCE) (i622)


TAPPING, Edward John (Thomas) (marriage to Catherine CAPORN) (i777), b.1803-d.1847
TAPPING, Jane (i780), b.1841-d.1916
TAPPING, Mary Bertha (i2416), b.1843-
TAPPING, Rebecca (i2417), b.1838-
TAPPING, Sarah (i779), b.1840-
TAPPING, Thomas Allen (i2418), b.1848-
TAPPING, William (i4609), b.1846-d.1935


TAYLOR, Colin (i5504) (still alive)
TAYLOR, David (i5508) (still alive)
TAYLOR, Dorothy (i5498) (still alive)
TAYLOR, Frederick Robert George (marriage to Ada Muriel ASHBY) (i1723), b.1907-d.1986
TAYLOR, Leanne (i5506) (still alive)
TAYLOR, Michael (i5507) (still alive)


THOMAS, Agnes (i4302), b.1863-
THOMAS, Alexander (i4290), b.1867-
THOMAS, Alexander (marriage to Louisa CAPORN) (i4285), b.1834-
THOMAS, Angus (i4205), b.1887-
THOMAS, Ann (i4303), b.1871-
THOMAS, Esther (i4291), b.1869-d.1941
THOMAS, James (i4286), b.1855-
THOMAS, Jessie (i4202), b.1879-d.1886
THOMAS, John (i4200), b.1859-
THOMAS, John (i4201), b.1877-
THOMAS, Louisa (i4288), b.1861-
THOMAS, Margaret Jessie May (i4207), b.1890-
THOMAS, Mary (i4203), b.1881-
THOMAS, Mary Pulo (marriage to Lemuel Richard LAWRENCE) (i5001), b.1886-d.1966
THOMAS, Rebecca (i4289), b.1865-
THOMAS, Sarah Edith (i4204), b.1882-
THOMAS, William (i4206), b.1889-


THORNTON, Lillian (i4495) (living status unknown)


THORP, Albert (i3960) (living status unknown)
THORP, Elsina May (i3958) (still alive)
THORP, George (marriage to Mary Ann Olivia May (May) CAPORN) (i3956)
THORP, Myrtle Marion (i3959), b.1923-d.1975
THORP, Richard (i5293) (living status unknown)
THORP, Sydney (i3961) (still alive)
THORP, Victor (i3957), b.1913-d.1980
THORP, William George (Tom) (i5294) (living status unknown)


TONKIN, Sarah Foss (marriage to James Goode CAPORN) (i4198), b.1844-d.1913


TOUGH, Annie Mary (marriage to Arthur John LAWRENCE) (i5004)


TOWTON, Louisa Elizabeth (marriage to William Alexander CAPORN) (i4567), b.1855-


TROTT, Lily Beth (i5540) (still alive)


TURPIN, Mary Ann (marriage to James CAPORNRev) (i4209), b.1795-d.1864


UNDERWOOD, Esther Emily Louise (marriage to Herbert Henry John CAPORN) (i4318) (living status unknown)


VELOSO, Hanel Ebarle (i5198) (still alive)
VELOSO, Jakin Pedro (i5119) (still alive)
VELOSO, Malachi Willhem (i5300) (still alive)


WADDELL, Jane Douglas (marriage to William Alfred Andrew LAWRENCE) (i4953), b.1898-


WANSBROUGH, Hannah Prangle (marriage to Edward Henry CAPORN) (i4461), b.1861-


WEBB, Harriet (marriage to Averland James CAPORN) (i4221) (living status unknown)


WHITFIELD, Claude Edward (i4560) (still alive)
WHITFIELD, Ronald Phillip (i4561) (still alive)
WHITFIELD, Thomas Treverton (marriage to Victoria May CRAIG) (i4558), b.1873-
WHITFIELD, William Morton (i4559) (living status unknown)


WILLEY, Alice Maud Mary (marriage to Alfred James JONES) (i4389), b.1886-


WILLIAMS, Eileen (i5309) (still alive)
WILLIAMS, Murray (i5092) (still alive)
WILLIAMS, Pat (i5098) (still alive)


WINEFIELD, Annie Garden (i4242), b.1905-d.1994
WINEFIELD, G (i4264)
WINEFIELD, J H (i4261)
WINEFIELD, James Foss Scott (i4241), b.1903-d.1904
WINEFIELD, James Logan (marriage to Hilda Sarah CAPORN) (i4240), b.1873-
WINEFIELD, Roy (i4279), b.1923-
WINEFIELD, William (i4260), b.1906-d.1906


WOODS, Adam (i5552) (still alive)
WOODS, Andrew John (i5520) (still alive)
WOODS, David (i5519) (still alive)
WOODS, Emma (i5543) (still alive)
WOODS, Felicity (i5544) (still alive)
WOODS, Margaret (i5521) (still alive)
WOODS, Noelene (i5523) (still alive)
WOODS, Pamela Joan (i5524) (still alive)
WOODS, Peter Leslie (i5522) (still alive)
WOODS, Shaun (i5550) (still alive)
WOODS, Timothy (i5551) (still alive)
WOODS, Zoe (i5545) (still alive)


WRIGHT, Alce (i4460) (still alive)
WRIGHT, Elsie (i4458) (still alive)
WRIGHT, Ethel (i4459) (living status unknown)
WRIGHT, George Arthur (marriage to Maud Elizabeth McNESS) (i4457), b.1876-

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