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An incredible world war 2 story

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book cover - world war 2 pictures - world war 2 photos - world war 2 planes An astounding story about Tom Scotland, an Australian pilot, and his crew. The violence and the superaction that Tom and his flyers became a part of are captured in this autobiography. This very personal story shows world war 2 pictures including world war 2 planes like the Pathfinder Halifax 11GRs.

See world war 2 photos

Tom's book, Voice from the stars, a Pathfinder's Story has been credited as a being a "factual account" and "vividly written". The story inspires compassion and warmth and the world war 2 photos and drawings have been described as "enchanting".

See world war 2 planes

Voice from the stars allows readers to share the feelings engendered in Tom and his flyers during their wartime experiences. An RAAF pilot, Tom was a part of the RAF Pathfinder Force (PFF) arranged by Australian Don Bennett. Pathfinders who were selected and specially trained to fly world war 2 planes, would prove to be the big turning point in the effectiveness of RAF bombers and the beginning of victory in the war.

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