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Tom Scotland - Royal Air Force pilotHullo, I'm Tom.

In 1942 I was an RAAF pilot on the way to Britain when our convoy had to survive attack by submarines. I arrived in a Britain on her knees from loss of shipping sunk by German submarines and from German bombing. Royal Air Force (RAF) bombers were flying from England to destroy German manufacturing, but many obstacles including German defences frustrated our attacks.

Enter Australian Don Bennett. He arranged for selected and specially trained flying crews to form the RAF Pathfinder Force (PFF). Royal Air Force Pathfinders would lead the way. It was the big turning point in the effectiveness of Royal Air Force bombers and the beginning of victory in world war 2.
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Voice from the stars, a Pathfinder's Story is an autobiography, I've written about me and my crew's 62 flying operations with a Pathfinder Squadron of the Royal Air Force.

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The sequel to my autobiography, AFTER:Voice from the stars was written by wife Laurel and I, detailing the wartime effects on us as newly weds after the Royal Air Force (RAF).

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