Painter Tronson du Coudray Artist of the NSW Coast

Art Mentor

Basil Sellers

2003 - established
the Basil Sellers
Art Centre in Moruya

2004 - Basil Sellers
$10,000 Art Prize,

2007 - Basil Sellers
Fine Arts Tronson
du Coudray Private
Studio in Tweed Heads.

Tronson du Coudray
supports Well-Being
Australia with art work
donations at art
exhibition fund raisers.







Teenagers by Tronson du Coudray

"Teenagers" by Tronson du Coudray

Who is Tronson du Coudray? 

  • Artist paintings in UK, US, France, India, NZ, throughout Australia and Sydney Airport Hilton

  • Baptist minister, and Australian Cricket Team chaplain for 17 years, retired 2000

  • Editor - Retired Australian Cricketer's bi-annual Newsletter; 

  • 2001 Life After Cricket, Cricket family respite

  • International Olympic Committee Religious Services Protocols

  • Australian Institute of Sport athlete and family respite

  • Author - 24 books

Mark and Delma Tronson in 1992 moved home from Sydney to Moruya, establishing what is now known as 'Timeout in Moruya', a retreat facility for AIS athletes.

The Basil Sellers Art Centre was opened in Moruya from where Mark and Delma continued their ministry until 2006 when they relocated to the Tweed (athlete respite ministry and art).

International artist W. John Hackwell wrote of Tronson du Coudray’s art
“….. art by instinct in the tradition of reality and romanticism of the German and Swiss 17th century painters. He paints the world as he feels it, a dream like quality, he reworks suppressed ideals. His work is the poeticism and enchantment of the bible, it is healing art ….’


Tronson Du Coudray
now deceased


Art Agent

Tropical Resort by Tronson du Coudray

"Tropical Resort"

by Tronson du Coudray

~ a selection of paintings by Tronson du Coudray~


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Mark Tronson's Blooming - Australian Institute of Sport 25 years


Celebrating Australian Institute of Sport's 25 years

with the Sports "blooming" to maturity - right, Australian Sports Commission

 CEO Mark Peters and Tronson du Coudray.


  English Afternoon by Tronson du Coudray

"English Afternoon"

Hanging in the home of Ian and Jessica Rannachan

in Rickmansworth, London, UK


Tim Nielsen

"Three Boyes"

Hanging in the home of Tim and Bron Nielsen of Brisbane 

Tim is the Australian Cricket Coach



Appetite by Tronson du Coudray       Early Evening by Tronson du Coudray

"Appetite"  and "Early Evening"

Well Being Australia 2007 fund raiser exhibition



Energy by Mark Tronson


 Hanging in the AIS Flatwater Canoe Unit, Robina, Gold Coast