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Hi I'm Tom - Let a couple of autobiographies thrill you. I have written and co-written several. It all started when British Police contacted me in Perth Western Australia about an incident from my past.

'Were you the pilot of a Halifax bomber that crashed near Leeds in Yorkshire in World War two?' they asked. Indeed I was.

My reply to the police triggered unexpected invitations from Yorkshire townspeople. They had witnessed the crash and helped me afterwards. They hadn't known if I had survived the war. 'Can you come and meet us?' they wrote, 'We'd love to see you again.'

Tom Scotland DFCImagine a cloudy Yorkshire day. My wife and I are standing behind houses on the edge of a glen where I had crashed the large four engine aircraft in 1943. People, young and old are standing around us. I'd last seen them as I escaped from the blazing Halifax with its exploding bullets showering this very spot.

One by one the people introduced themselves. One Yorkshireman said, 'I was the ten year old who wanted the tail of your Halifax!' I recalled the face of a ten year old looking up at me and pleading, 'Please mister, can I have the tail?' The rear end of the Halifax had broken off and it weighed many tons.

I looked at the face of this ten year old, now a grey haired man, and suddenly I was reliving the crash. I began to feel again the pain. I had been trying to save those people from the expected blast of a terrifying explosion if the planes petrol tanks went up ... I just had to set down in writing the miracle of my survival and what my feelings were saying.

Now a couple of autobiographies later, I can look back and tell the story. The first book has been featured by more than fifty Australian and UK Newspapers and is in its seventh printing.

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