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AFTER Voice from the Stars   now in 3rd Edition
by Tom and Laurel Scotland

The News (Victoria):  A fitting sequel to the enthralling 'Voice from the Stars' now being read worldwide. Gripping account of unflagging optimism in times of adversity.

The Examiner (Tasmania) There wasn't much time to resolve things caused by the tumult of war. This book tells how they did it.

Coastal and District Times (Western Australia): Captivating, easy to read, hard to put down, as forces mould two lives amid the demanding action into which they are thrust.

The Wheatbelt Mercury (Western Australia): Real life drama as the authors take readers with them through the dangers, delights and challenges they face day by day.

Byron Bay Echo (New South Wales): Two ordinary Australians reveal their vulnerability quite openly as they reach into past horrors of war and discover the way to inner peace.

Kaye Caporn (Winner of Media Award 1998): The authors resist the temptation to only tell the good bits. This gives an authenticity seldom seen and makes 'AFTER: Voice from the Stars' come to life.

Stewart Dinnen MBE MA (Tasmania): The vivid detail of this absorbing story is the factor which makes this book so enthralling. It needed to be told as through war and peace in Asia the authors bring understanding and change to thousands of lives.

The Advocate (New South Wales): This sequel will also mean a lot to the families of people who have been through the trauma caused by war.

Mac Cameron (Western Australia): Telling the facts as they happened without cover up, held my attention and stimulated me. I loved the
openness and honesty.

Halifax Bomber
A reader of "Voice from the Stars"sent this picture recently from the US.
In May 1944 he took this photo of his B17 crew fascinated by one of our RAF Pathfinder Halifaxes
Read about this aircraft in "Voice from the Stars a Pathfinders Story" by Tom Scotland DFC and in this Sequel.

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