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  RAF Pathfinders

Why Pathfinders? In 1942 Tom Scotland was an RAAF pilot on the way to Britain when his convoy had to survive attack by submarines.   Tom arrived in a Britain on her knees from loss of shipping sunk by German submarines and from German bombing. RAF bombers were flying from England to destroy German manufacturing, particularly of submarines, but darkness, ground mists, bad weather and German defences frustrated their attacks. Tom and his crew were selected to become Pathfinders leading the RAF attacks.

Voice from the stars, a Pathfinder's Story is Tom's story. It is a very personal autobiography commencing as the pilot grew up in depression years in Western Australia. During wartime flights he and his British crew experienced many near disasters including escape from a burning over England. Share the feelings engendered in Tom Scotland and his flyers during the violence and the superaction into which they are thrust. Cartoon drawings by one of the flyers add humour to this rivetting account.


                                                                                                                           Tom flies in a tiger moth after a long absence      Tom and DH82A Tiger Moth (2003)  
Pathfinder Book Corner an autobiography including wwii pictures.

Multimedia DISK containing wwii pictures and military aircraft

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