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Flightpath of History

By Roslyn Huizenga - Bunbury Mail

LEANING forward, listening intently, with mouths wide open in amazement, the Year 1 and 2 students of Parkfield Primary School were completely caught in the moment.

Listening to Tom Scotland relay the tales of his exciting real-life experiences flying a Pathfinder plane during World War 2 is something the students will never forget.

During wartime flights, Mr Scotland told of how one time he was forced to make a crash landing.

He spoke of how a group of seven-year-old boys watched with amazement when he was forced to emergency crash land his Pathfinder in England.

In another amazing tale, one of the boys returned a piece of the plane to him 59 years later.

Mr Scotland, 83, who lives in Bunbury, is an author of two books including Voice from the Stars a Pathfinder's Story which is now in its sixth printing.

He has also published a CD of war photos.

On Anzac Day (April 25, 2007), Parkfield Primary student Arienne Coate, 6, went to Perth for the first time to watch Mr Scotland, her great grandfather, march in the parade.

     Tom at Parkfield Primary
Bunbury man Tom Scotland had Parkfield Primary School students engrossed as he told the tales of his personal experiences flying a Pathfinder plane during World War 2.

The book that includes the adventures of the 7 year old boys, "Voice from the Stars a Pathfinder Story" is obtainable from Tom Scotland at our Orders page.

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